Everyone is a photographer today. The mobile phone has seen to that, allowing us all to record in image form almost anything at any time and share it immediately. Quantity does not mean quality however. Recording events to create a visual narrative is one thing, creating iconic images that convey a strong message is quite another.

Photographs are used by everyone, both individuals and businesses to communicate their business, brand and products. Even personality, emotions, loves and fears. We create images that convey the message you want to communicate for you or your business, both powerfully and effectively.

Our specialist alchemy, is to fuse all of the elements needed to create images that convey that message. Photography is only one of the elements. Creating a brief and using creativity, imagination and organisation to deliver it effectively are the others.

We provide a full service to our clients, from interpretation of your needs to delivery of campaignable images. Our rates are not cheap. But quality rarely is.

If you would like to be involved in one of our productions, please get in touch.

About us

Blower Lyon is the photographic partnership of Simon Blower and James Alexander Lyon. Our partnership is synergistic, drawing on our complementary skills and wide-ranging experience.

Simon Blower knows all about customers and how to meet their needs. He has spent his career in senior director roles with some of Britains largest retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Homebase, Petsmart, Countrywide and  Retail Variations. Here he has helped to create successful Retail Brands, taking them to market and  building and growing them profitably. A recognised expert in organisation design and efficiency, he organises and manages BlowerLyon project and client interfaces. BlowerLyon is his ‘second’ career drawing on his organisational, marketing and photographic skills.

James Lyon is an award-winning photographer who is published in the UK, mainland Europe and the US. Originally trained as a designer and typographer James worked as an art director in advertising agencies throughout the 1980’s in London and the Home Counties until starting his own successful design consultancy Maxwell Lyon in 1990 and Urban Curve in 2007. Clients have included; Lee Jeans, Guinness, Burton Group, M&S, Firetrap, Full Circle, Hammersons, First Personal Bank and Lexmark.

Since James was three he has always held a passion for photography, working first with film and then becoming an early adopter to digital imaging. Over the last four years he’s been concentrating on shooting fashion editorials, concepts and organising catwalk shows.

James actively campaigns for a better equality in fashion and the media with Models of Diversity, making opportunities for those who’s body shape, skin colour, size or ability excludes them from the perceived ‘normal’. Along with organising and presenting model workshops, James has written many articles on wide ranging topics in fashion and modelling.

BlowerLyon draws on his artistic vision to design iconic images and give direction to the creative process. Simon’s exceptional organisational ability and foresight reinforces this vision, to create images beyond the ability of one person, regardless of who is behind the camera.